Set The Standard

Produced by BushiMadeIt & Dele Christie

Written by Kitch


Verse 1

Let me say respect is the only thing I rap for

So be please patient whilst I’m building my own platform

I thought on this song I would keep the flow simple

I’m going in but you ain’t got the cheek to call me a dimple

You say you’re a lyricist but I really wouldn’t say that

I only care about words like I’m Royce’s face tat

You can’t call my word plays basic

And you know the beat is gonna be hard 'cause ‘BushiMadeIt’

Born and bred in a place called Walthamstow

A place where everyone’s either poor or stole

So without deetz I swear I wouldn’t have any tracksuits

But let me keep quiet 'cause that’s not really what this track suits

This is my only life and I've gotta choose the right path

That’s why everyday, I chose to write bars

I wanna be tighter than a new born baby girl

So that means I'm better than you dawg rate me well

Chorus (Sample)

In hip hop, (Kitch) some ones gotta set the standard

Set the standard (Kitch), Set the standard

Verse 2


I’m writing everyday you can’t make me stop

I give a fuck about my songs that’s why they take me long

I don’t care about race in rap there’s no right colour

I'm like Big L’s no gangsta little white brother

I swear every night I struggle to sleep naturally

I’m tossing and turning but don’t turn your back on me

You can try but I swear you ain’t gonna stop I

I’ll throw you under shade like your Biggie's cross eye

What you see is what you get I ain't chatting shit

Take me in my lyrics, there here for you to fathom with

Trust me everything that I spit is real

And you can hold it against me 'cause it's the shit I feel

That’s why at the end of my songs I get an applause 

But at the end of your songs, you just get a pause

Rah, that's a real mixture

My lyrics put an image in your head like a still picture

Chorus (Sample)

In hip hop, (Kitch) some ones gotta set the standard

Set the standard (Kitch), Set the standard

Verse 3

Fuck the starting pistol I’m heading for the finish line

That’s why I put in everything when I bend a rhyme

Put paper in front of me and wait for my pen to shine

My only boy is the beat, he’s a good friend of mine

Some girls in college acting like I be mindless

I’m the oldest in my music class all I do is C minors

Other rappers saying "Kitch this ain’t fair akh"

'Cause I’m so raw on the mic I fuck it bareback

I’m writing just wondering is it my time yet

'Cause my word plays be tighter than a Jewish man’s mind set

The mics not next to the speaker you see that

But when I’m on the SM58 all I get is good feedback

Ha nah I’m only joking I ain’t really grown

But I’m still here to ruin your plans like I’m Holly Holm

And ain’t ever gonna stop like I said in the first line

You should expect nothing less from me when I burst rhymes


Chorus (Sample)

In hip hop, (Kitch) some ones gotta set the standard

Set the standard (Kitch), Set the standard

About 'Set The Standard'

In 'Set The Standard', Kitch once again teams but with BushiMadeit but this time alongside Dele Christie. 

'Set The Standard' showcases Kitch's lyrical ability, rapping more word plays then ever before. Kitch feels like lyricism isn't an important factor in hip hop anymore and he's trying to change that by setting the standard. The chorus is taken from the YouTube series on Complex called 'The Raiders of the Lost Art', documenting the Hip Hop duo Prhyme, who happen to be one of Kitch's major influences.

Standout lyric:

'I'm the oldest in my music class, all I do is C minors'

Release date:

1st June 2018