Never Stops

Produced by Dee'K

Written by Kitch and Dee'K


Ayo, you see this song yeah?

This is for all you hard workers out there, you get me

Don't matter if its your school work, your job, or if you're chasing your dream

Just know this one thing

The grind never stops


 Verse 1 


If you don’t know me you’ve probably seen me around

I’m the guy with headphones on, but I ain’t got dead flows son

You’re with you’re big crew all drinking and smoking

I’m in my shit room just thinking of poems

That’s why when you rap it’s like I get bored of rhymes

'Cause let’s face it you're skills ain't even border line

How much money you got I couldn't give a flying duck

'Cause all you rappers are out here just defying luck        

So battling me what comes to thought is to bring guns to war

In a thunderstorm when you’ve got no funds or swords

In other words you're aimless so fall behind

I ain't stopping till I’m the greatest of all the times

But I’m looking at boring sights Pouring pints

In yawning nights whilst I was hoping bright for the morning flights

You’ve never seen a perfectionist mind like mine

My thoughts are too much for one rhyme at a time


Work and believe it

Work and achieve it

Whether I'm behind or on top

Work and believe it, yeah

The grind never stops


Verse 2

If you ain’t got the message yet I’m working on my craft of it 

And trust me I ain’t gonna stop even when I’ve mastered it

Yeah I’m grafting kid, go on you can laugh a bit

Buts it’s only gonna get better and it’s already marvellous 

I wanna marry the game and carry the flame

Then berry the lame who’s energy tame back in memory lane

You chill with your homie's I ain’t really into my mates

I be writing bars at home so I can intimidate

So thin your tone, I might be 70 kg of skin and bone

But within a flow you can never win my throne

You can't outnumber me if you morphed into two

'Cause you just talk shit, like you’ve been force fed a poo 

And don’t lie I intimidate you when I’m on the mic

And watching it happen against you, is a sorry sight

Oh your shook is that you’ve stopped bragging

’Cause I'll make you stammer worse than me when I’m not rapping




Work and believe it

Work and achieve it

Whether I'm behind or on top

Work and believe it, yeah

The grind never stops

Verse 3

Stop trying you were good but now you’ve lost luck

Put your notebook in the sink 'cause your rhymes are washed up

Some of you rappers are just too fruity I can’t explain

It’s like one of your songs equals 6 of my 5 a day

So this time step the line you’ll be doing so wrong

Rate my grind I shine with my flows on

I’m gonna climb till my prime and you hoes gone

I got more rhymes in one line then you do your whole song

I don’t need a fast flow I’ll leave you with a heart stroke

Think your hard though as far as pars go you set the bar low

You might take advantage of me I was too nice to my man

Spell live backwards, that's how evil I am

This is easy for me when I word search I'm heavenly

I’ll make a good thing for you turn curse don’t step to me

Write a third verse as well as me

I’ll make you hurt worse, if I smurge turds on a burnt nurse when I leave my legacy


Work and believe it

Work and achieve it

Whether I'm behind or on top

Work and believe it, yeah

The grind never stops

About 'Never Stops'

In 'Never Stops', Kitch braggadociously raps about how hard he works but also his ability. Using complex rhyme schemes and thoughtful wordplays, Kitch is able to bring across a motivational message. 

When performing live, Kitch adds a twist to this song by adding a drum solo and a call and response with the audience which creates a positive, upbeat vibe.

Standout lyric:

'Spell live backwards, that's how evil I am'

Release Date:




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