Produced by Dee'K

Written by Kitch


Verse 1

Growing up I didn't think like the average kid

My pride was getting beat up, bruised, battered to bits

I didn’t understand the reason why I couldn't talk properly

No one knew how to fix it, what the hell is wrong with me?

I was quiet in class 'cause it's like a riot would start

It would annoy me so I would wear my defiant mask

'Cause I knew the other kids would always laugh and mention

My stammer, when ever I got asked a question

At first I struggled it was a lot to deal with

And my anxiety would always make me feel sick

Everywhere I go scared to open my mouth

I couldn’t help myself I would get frozen in doubt

Think about in everyday situations

I would make you sit and wait un-

Till I finally finished my sentence

My stammer was the only thing that I wished to change

I didn’t know what it was, so myself I blamed




Oh what a miracle, what a miracle  


Verse 2 


An angry kid who let my doubt get into me

All my thoughts building up I needed an outlet instantly

Heard Eminem and I was like "Yo, what’s this?"

Learnt every lyric to every song man not one missed

Soon clocked I didn’t stammer when I rapped along

And my love for hip hop, well that’s when that begun

I was intrigued by the way they rhymed when they spoke there mind

I was surprised, it gave me hope when I was blind

Few years go by now my knowledge has expanded

Tupac, B.I.G, Nas, Big L and Method Man is

Just some of the names I would always listen to

When I was feeling down and lonely just to get me through

Started writing lyrics about how I was feeling

But I couldn’t flow or rhyme yo, you would’ve believe it

So I kept quiet and done my research

Hoping one day through rap I could finally be heard


Oh what a miracle, what a miracle 

Verse 3                                                                                                 

Nowadays I get six hours sleep if I’m lucky

'Cause that’s when my sick powers peak you can’t touch me

I'll let this prick coward speak but now not above me

The way that I devour speech is lovely

Especially for a kid who stammer’s

But nah that’s not an excuse anymore

Me against you? My rhymes let loose many more

I’m the definition of a set back

I’m the outcome if Porky Pig rapped

So it’s quite embarrassing if you get smacked

This is called hard work and dedication

I wont forget, I got parred worse for hesitation

I swear rap saved my life and I wrote my way out

Of every situation when I couldn't say nought

I think you forgot that I still stammer to this day

But still my flow remains sharp like a switchblade

I went from stammering to rapping and now I’m holding my own steering wheel

Driving my career, tell me that ain’t no miracle


Oh what a miracle, what a miracle 

About 'Miracle'

'Miracle' is a song that closely follows the story of Kitch and his speech impediment, and how he came about to rapping.

Kitch was born with a speech impediment and has been dealing with it for his whole life. In this song, he mentions how hip hop used to help him deal with it, and he pays homage to some of his favourite artists.

Whilst the first two verses are calm, the whole tone of the music and his lyrics switches up in the third verse, and he speaks about overcoming his biggest anixety using rap.

You can watch the Official Music Video here, or stream it on Spotify here.

Standout Lyric:

'I went from stammering to rapping and now I’m holding my own steering wheel,

Driving my career, tell me that ain’t no miracle'

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