Written by Kitch



Let me tell you something, that as men we feel

We always get told, we need to keep it real

But I’m afraid, it’s more of a double standard

That keep just stranded, left feeling angered

And act like we don’t care so we put on a front

Tryna look hard “Ayo mandem, pass the blunt

And record it so I can put it on my story

‘Cause the bad b’s support it then soak in the glory and the attention”

But I swear down I’ve had enough

Think about it there’s no reason to be acting up

It’s time to take off this mask, I don’t need to be faking my past,

I need to reveal all my scars

Why do men have to keep in how we’re feeling?

Aren’t we all humans, I wonder how we’re dealing

With the pressure, to look good, be sporty

Be rich, have muscles, be nice but don’t be too corny  

We can’t ever do good, we’re forever scrutinised

I guess that’s one of the reasons for the high suicide

Forever telling lies, ain’t ever televised

How am I gonna tell you that I’m feeling dead inside?

This goes for young males all across the country

Who go home wondering will anyone actually love me

I feel like I’m being myself once in a blue moon

Otherwise you won’t like me, either way it’s lose lose

It’s so confusing, so I bury my own expressions

Which is why I own depressions

We’re set-up and we need to escape the noose

'Cause murder is the only way we make the news

About 'Masculinity'

XplusY is a theatre production about the struggles young men face with masculinity and stereotypes. 

Kitch was asked to write a short piece regarding how he felt about the matter.

The instrumental he used is from an Eminem song, titled 'No Apologies'.

You can watch the live version here.

Standout Lyric:

'We can’t ever do good, we’re forever scrutinised

I guess that’s one of the reasons for the high suicide'

Release Date:

17th December 2018


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