Produced by Profesta

Written by Kitch

Verse 1

Let me introduce you to a girl I know who will not be named

She would never do nothing wrong but will forever be blamed

For her mums an alcoholic, who couldn't control it

Her dad's moved on and had got another family

Left most nights on her own at 15

Her older sisters fucked off she's got a boyfriend and she's living with him

She's saying she never wants to see her family members again

But she was cool she had her head up

Obviously she had moments where her emotions will all erupt

But never really had anyone to speak to

Until this one next boy came through

They met one day and then they exchanged details

He was older than her but neither of them cared

She was found something in him that she liked, but he just wanted to bang her that night

But he didn't tell her his real intentions, don't be dumb

Instead he was pretending he cared, playing her along

Finally she felt like she was getting the attention she wanted

But he just thought she was a slag who wanted it

She started catching more and more feelings for the boy

She told him everything, he was the only thing that she's ever had

Until inevitably, she'd loved him like mad



Shut your eyes and listen close


And I’ll tell you how the story goes

Verse 2



Now he finds his chance where he can take advantage of her

He tells her lies about what they will be and what they are

He didn't have to do much, just showed her the right attention

And listened well whenever they were in deep conversation

He knows she's got a free yard most nights and practically invites himself round

She loves him so she ain't ever gonna let him down

He goes on his phone and tells the gang

"Yo, I'm speaking to this younger virgin and I've got a plan

Ima sleep round her house and we're gonna bang"

He goes to hers that night and gets straight to the point

She's a bit confused at why his touching up her hip joint

She doesn't agree with it at first

But inside she can't deny she's getting a bit moist

She thinks he loves her back so she let it slide

So that night yeah she took him for a ride

She's sprung but that's it the boy goes off and hides

She hadn't heard from him for the whole of the next day

She doesn't know what's happening

She's panicking "Shit did I fuck it up? Was I shit? Cause I swear I love him in every way"





Shut your eyes and listen close


And I’ll tell you how the story goes


Verse 3


Yeah, so the next day

She’s leaving message after message 

Baby where are you, please message me back

She's thinking somethings happened to him, something bad

She doesn't tell anyone else because there's no one to tell

So all these thoughts clogging up in her head are driving her through hell

She wakes up the next morning

Checks her phone but she's still yawning

Cause she couldn't sleep that night

Still nothing, so she starts crying but puts on a face like it's alright

Cause she gotta go to school

She goes in and everyone's starring at her she's unaware

that everyone knows about her mistake

Not knowing he filmed it and got it all on tape

Until one boy in class stands up and says it

Tears run down her face she wants to hit the prick

But instead she storms out crying and shit

She runs outta school as usual nobody's home

People sending pictures of herself to her phone

She doesn't know what to do with herself

She an innocent girl and now she wants to die

She goes into the kitchen picks up and knife

Slowly cutting herself as she says goodbye

But there's no one there that listened and there never was

And now people are all saying she's a slut

it's all over the local news

She's finally getting attention and the boys getting questioned by the flashing blues

He didn't expect it to escalate that quickly

He just wanted to fuck, didn't wanna end her life completely

The police saying you took advantage

Of a girl that's under age

And you filmed it too so thanks for the evidence mate

Like her tears start running down his face

Now he knows what he done cause he's in her place

Cause they blamed him for the murder

Talking about laws that I've never heard of

The justice system didn't do him no good

All cause he thought he could fuck a girl from the hood

I guess all she really wanted was just a mate

But I guess they were all too busy being fake

But now he's in a jail cell most probably

and she's in heaven, well.. Hopefully

About 'Hopefully'

'Hopefully' documents a young girls horrific story. It starts off by explaining her home situation which isn't a pleasant one, and leads to her falling for a boy because of the attention she receives from him. 

However, after things with the boy do not turn out how she had hoped, the story takes a drastic change for the worst.

Standout lyric:

'I guess all she really wanted was a mate

But I guess they were all too busy being fake'

Release date:

12th January 2018