Produced by Contrary

Written by Kitch



Someone asked me the other day

What does life mean to you?

And I froze up coz I didn’t know what to say

I was like shit I don’t know

Then it got me thinking; What is life

Then I thought; I’m tired of life


Verse 1


I'm tired of having new shit to walk through

I'm tired of people treating me like dog poo

I'm tired of not having anyone to talk to

I’m tired of sitting up and crying all night

I’m tired of having brawls and fights

I’m tired of punching the walls quite

Hard that it shakes the yard

I’m tired of being scarred cause a bitch took my heart

I’m tired of having swollen cut knuckles

I’m tired of getting into broken slut troubles

I'm an artist with a hard twist

Who's a target for this darkness

I'm tired of people telling me to stop wearing hats

I’m tired of people telling me I wanna be black

I'm tired of people judging me by my looks

I’m tired of people bogging at me to see if I'll get shook 

I'm tired of not being allowed in my best Friends house

I'm tired of not being able to speak when I open my mouth

I'm tired of this poor mood

And not having any good fortune

To try to score soon




Learn to love, without condition

Talk, without bad intention

Give, without any reason

But most of all

Care for people, without any exception


Verse 2


I'm tired of always having bad dreams

I’m tired wondering what being sad means

I've learnt that life's not what it might seem 

I’m tired of being so awkward

I’m not sure if its coz when I talk I feel I'm being tortured

Then when try again I get slaughtered

I'm tired of wearing hand-me downs

I'm tired that I can't see pounds

I'm tired of homing this unhappy frown

I’m tired of music being my only outlet

I’m tired of everything being about net

I’m tired of seeing my doubt as a threat

Trust me this way of life wasn’t chosen

I swear my heart is frozen

And my minds something you don't wanna go in

I’m tired of being so shy and nervous

And feeling so worthless

Like I ain't got a purpose

Walking on this earth’s surface

I'm tired of people dwelling coz the sadness in the dark

But not appreciating the happiness in the light when it sparks

Shit but that's me

You're probably tired of me moaning

I'm tired of thinking what's the point in living




Learn to love, without condition

Talk, without bad intention

Give, without any reason

But most of all

Care for people, without any exception

Let me tell you about some of my confessions



I'm tired of people bragging about materialistic shit

I know you have red soled shoes

But what’s that mean if you got a dead soul dude?

I'm tired of all you pricks just wanting to do is drink from bottles

I'm tired of my heart being like an Easter egg so dark and hollow

I'm tired of always looking pissed off

But it's like I'm tryna insist I ain't soft


That's how I've been feeling

And you're wondering why I ain’t released any music recently

Well now you know

And for the record, I still don’t know what life means

But fuck it


About 'Exception'

'Exception', inspired by Eminem's 'If I Had', is a song where Kitch describes all the things in his life that he is tired of and wants to change. 

In this sensitive song, Kitch mentions his struggles with money, finding happiness and the main question, what does life mean.

The tone of his voice really suits his voice and the backing track which was produced by Contrary.

Standout lyric:

'I know you got red soled shoes

But what's that mean if you got a dead soul dude?'

Release date:

29th August 2017