Written by Kitch 

Produced by Trust In Le

10,000 Hours

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Verse 1

Welcome to come back, I’m so hungry where's the lunch at

A young cat like a rugrat but you’re accolades I done that

Me without this hip hop is New York without no Timbs

West Coast without no synths, tell your label we go in

Nas and AZ told me ‘Life’s A Bitch’ and then you die

So ima grind for mine until my spot is vacant in the sky

All I want is my respect, fuck it you can have your hundred grand 

I’m dope- call me contraband, hope from the promise land  

I’m Walthamstow, thats born and bread, you man were born in Leyton

I was born inside my kitchen told my mumzy I ain’t waiting

Impatient so I go for mine, even got a clothing line

Strangers you don’t know the grind, fuck having a social life

I’d rather sit in my room and study the rap legends

That method, fat weapons, you don’t know I stack letters

I’ve been spitting three years, not a second longer 

Imagine three more years, I’m only getting stronger

You can buy your followers, but you can’t buy your flowers

There’s no way of skipping those 10,000 hours

Verse 2

I took some time out 'cause I had to redevelop, be progressive 

Reap the benefits, so now you know it’s got a better fit 

The love I have for rap is infinite so I ain’t bound to stop it 

I’m leaning on these bars like I’m an alcoholic 

Found my pocket, 'cause yo I take this shit too serious

We live without no fear in us, delirious of my opponent 

Ima raise the bar and leave it up suspended 

Like them stupid pigs, but they really should’ve been arrested 

I still want justice, for my all my sisters and brothers 

If we all stand-up together then they know they can’t stop us

Put them down one by one, eventually the change will come

If you disagree, then respectively- suck your mum 

The only way ahead of me is through a guillotine 

A killing spree, but rest in peace to Eazy-E, they’re giving me

The keys to be the best MC in E17, a future legend possibly, well obviously- Crooked I followed me 

But I’m still in kitchens mopping floors every weekend

Cannot pretend, that it doesn’t get me weakened

Good enough to get verified ticks up in my DM’s

But I’m still not good enough for them to want to be friends

But I use it as my motivation, no point hope and waiting for something that might not ever come

Go and get it, solo effort, so poetic, flow imbedded

Make sure you listening don’t tell me you don’t know the message

Spitting hard for the culture, not for Instagram

Inspiration from Hova, I’m a business-man

I’m on my way up so if you wanna witness that

Go and tell your favourite rapper, Kitch is back

About '10,000 Hours'

'10,000 Hours' is the long awaited comeback song from East London rapper Kitch. Using old-samples but modern drums, '10,000 Hours' is a showcase of aggressive flows but impressive lyricism. The theme of the song comes from Malcom Gladwell's 10,000 hour theory, where he proves that it takes over 10,000 hours of practise to perfect a craft. With this song, Kitch was explaining his almost 2 year hiatus from releasing music, but also admitting that he hasn't mastered his craft yet.

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