September 29th

Produced by Mael_Drumz

Written by Kitch


This past year:

There's been ups

And there's been downs...

September 29th 2018

Best day of my life it took me through a day dream

The BBC film got released

And when they dm’d me I had to double check stop and freeze

Now my career has skyrocketed

My life? That’s the opposite 

People are telling me that I’ve changed, but I’ve changed how?

'Cause away from cameras I’ve still got this same frown 

And I’m still in college, everyday doing assignments

Getting distinctions and they say it's a sign but

I’m taking time off to have meetings and do interviews

Agents calling me saying: "Kitch we’re into you"

I’ve been having convos with Britain’s Got Talent

But I said no, they care for my image not rapping

2 years ago everyone told me just quit

And now I’m getting your face and rubbing it in tough shit, so fuck this 

I want it to be clear that I care for my music

I don’t wanna be a sob story and although I can use it

I’m not going to, and no one can make me

I am who I am, it’s not my stammer that made me

So please don’t take me as ignorant 'cause really I’m grateful 

But it's hard you don’t know how to deal with this plateful 

I haven’t got a manger or anyone else behind me 

I done it all myself, so I don’t need no one to sign me


I'll probably regret saying that in a few years

But at this moment in time?..                                  


You care for my story you don’t wanna dig deeper

Forget rap, I’m dead inside, I'm boys with the Grim Reaper

It’s ironic that my social media's buzzing 

But at the same time when I come home, I come home to nothing 

I’ve sacrificed a lot, I think my prides gone 

I don’t wanna be the strong friend everybody cries on 

My old friends are acting salty like they're not allowed to be proud of me 

But I’m the only lonely fish in this crowded sea, look at me

There’s no other artist alike

You don’t wanna be starting a fight

I spit my heart through the mic 

I dress like shit but I’m never failing me

On my life no clothes could ever label me

I want you to know that I’ve worked way to hard for this 

There was a time when everyone was too busy parring Kitch 

But now I’ve upped my game and friends are telling me I better chill

But the day I stop you’ll say what’s the deal 

The grind never stops but I bet it will

Yeah I bet it will

But do you know what? I wanna show love 

I'm working alongside Dee'K, Bushi and Dele

And I swear that I pray we don't crumble when the pressure gets heavy

If you're on top of me now you've gotta watch your back

'Cause I'm coming up fast and ima squash your plaque

There's a reason why the BBC wanna fuck with me 

And you get fucked by the B.B.C's in the industry

It's Kitch

All jokes aside, what I do find funny

Is that no matter how many articles, or interviews that I do

I still feel like no one knows me, but I can't blame you

It's on me

About 'September 29th'

1 year after the release of the BBC documentary, Kitch takes us through some of the behind-the-scenes stories that have occurred since.

Kitch opens up about industry snakes, old friends and even Britain's Got Talent. 

Standout Lyric:

I dress like shit but I’m never failing me

On my life no clothes could ever label me

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