Eye Drop

Produced by Riddick X

Written by Kitch

Fuck a co-sign or a collab, my rhymes collide

Cocaine in the freezer, what a cold line

You can’t keep up with my metaphors or word plays

I'm too fast for you, I tick the box like a survey

Put the hours I’ve spent against the p I’ve earnt

It’s minimum wage but you don’t know what I’ve learnt

I wanna paint a perfect picture until the point where the point on my pencil is pointless

Picture this pigs from my perspective

Give me the bacon I’m amazing I’m replacing

You and your bros, who do you know, I’m erasing

Everybody, make sure your very sorry

I’m too much to handle like a heavy body

Never copy, or don’t even try to, against this white dude

You shit rappers think you’re the actual guy but you lack the size and the passion I, might get my strap and ride

'Cause the day I’ll be satisfied

Is the same day Tupac and Biggie come back alive

If you think rappity rap

Is actually crap

You aint factually backed

And you're practically whack

And I’m glad to be back

Like the majesty track

Spit it so, causally, I’m

Insta famous? 'Nah'

Inspiration? 'Yeah'

Obligation? 'Nah'

Occupation? 'Yeah'

My fate; 'It Was Written' before 'Illmatic'

So when I'm on stage you rappers will panic

Rap gave me power, I’m hip hop’s grandson,

So my microphone is like Nas’ handgun

Ahh you can’t mirror this lyricist

Image is perilous

Thinking of pyramids

Any point, I'm winning this

Any joint, I’m killing it

Disappoint, I pick at it

If it’s whack, Im binning it

Diss me and I’m bringing it

I’m no longer a teenager, but I’m still very young

Bearing in mind I’m a savage and I ain’t even twenty one

Yeah bro, check your bank account in a few years  

When I go through gears I’ma be one of your true fears

You're due tears you can even view peers with loose ears

In your own bankrupt lane alone screaming ‘who’s here’

It doesn’t matter if you’re blind

'Cause watching me perform is a sight for sore eyes

I’m from Walthamstow and I'm known here

'Cause whenever I drop, I go clear

I said I’m from Walthamstow, and I’m known here

'Cause whenever eye drop, eye go clear

It’s Kitch, one take

About 'Eye Drop'

'Eye Drop' is an experimental song by Kitch. He uses an unexpected beat and surprises his audience using creative new flows.

'Eye Drop' is another lyrical showcase where Kitch doesn't rap about anything in particular, but he does it well.

The title 'Eye Drop' comes from the last 4 bars where Kitch makes the wordplay with the words 'I' and 'eye'.

Standout Lyric:

'My fate; 'It Was Written' before 'Illmatic'

So when I'm on stage you rappers will panic

Rap gave me power, I’m hip hop’s grandson,

So my microphone is like Nas’ handgun'

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